Budizol is prefabrication plants of reinforced concrete, timber, mixed with CE quality mark, Nordcent certification, PÜZ BAU. We have a lot of realizations to our credit, both in Poland and in various places in Europe. Thanks to our experience, we have become a leader in prefabrication.

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We have been present on the Polish market since 1988.

We are a Polish two-generation company with more than 30 years of experience. We have participated in many, standard and extremely complex investments at home and abroad. Expanding our business to include production, allowed us to ensure uncompromising quality of projects at every step. We have very modern prefabricated reinforced concrete and timber factories, comprehensive technological facilities and a laboratory where our outstanding engineers have developed by us an innovative system for the construction of prefabricated energy-saving buildings Energia³. After large-scale projects – shopping malls, hotels or housing estates in Poland, Sweden, Germany and other countries – we turned to original house design. We closed all our previous experience in Budihome. The turning point for us was the realization of the innovative Sprzeczna 4 building and the luxurious Rosevia Resort & SPA with comfortable apartments in separate buildings. Working on this project made us look at residential spaces in a new unconventional way, which resulted in the Budihome project. The idea of “Energy to the Powerful” consists not only of production technology, but also the use of modern, eco-friendly solutions and the overall optimization of the house so that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also serves its residents.

Na polskim rynku jesteśmy obecni od 1988.


Jesteśmy polską dwupokoleniową firmą z ponad 30-letnim doświadczeniem. Braliśmy udział w wielu, standardowych oraz niezwykle złożonych inwestycjach w kraju i za granicą. Rozszerzenie naszej działalności o produkcję, pozwoliło nam zadbać o bezkompromisową jakość projektów na każdym kroku. Posiadamy bardzo nowoczesne fabryki prefabrykatów żelbetowych i drewnianych, kompleksowe zaplecze technologiczne oraz laboratorium, w którym nasi wybitni inżynierowie opracowali przez nas innowacyjny systemu budowy prefabrykowanych obiektów energooszczędnych Energia³. Po realizacjach na dużą skalę – galeriach handlowych, hotelach czy osiedlach mieszkaniowych w Polsce, Szwecji, Niemczech i innych krajach, zwróciliśmy się do pierwotnego projektu domu. Całe nasze dotychczasowe doświadczenie zamknęliśmy w Budihome. Punktem zwrotnym była dla nas realizacja innowacyjnego budynku Sprzeczna 4 oraz luksusowego Rosevia Resort & SPA z komfortowymi apartamentami w oddzielnych budynkach. Praca nad tym projektem sprawiła, że spojrzeliśmy na przestrzenie mieszkalne w nowy nieszablonowy sposób, co zaowocowało projektem Budihome. Na ideę “Energii do potęgi” składa się nie tylko technologia produkcji, ale również wykorzystanie nowoczesnych, ekologicznych rozwiązań i całościowa optymalizacja domu tak, by nie tylko był przyjazny dla środowiska, ale również służył swoim mieszkańcom.


Budizol in numbers really impressive

Our company has a track record of many realizations and investments. For more than 30 years of the company’s existence, we have participated in many both standard and extremely complex investments at home and abroad. Our experience and professionalism are reflected in the numbers. Budizol as an investor and general contractor can boast today:



> 1000



> 250.000 m2 GLA



> 300



> 40.000 m2 PU



> 300 000 m2


We also manufacture precast elements, concrete paving and ready-mixed concrete

Our activities are not limited only to the implementation of investments. The company also produces, among other things, ready-mixed concrete, vibro-pressed concrete paving, precast reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, which enable the realization of warehouse and production halls.



1 000 000 m3



1 500 000 m2



prefabricated products for
3 000 000 m2

I founded the company more than 30 years ago under the name of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Budizol Roman Stanislawski, and later when our business expanded on a larger scale I decided to transform the company into a joint stock company called Budizol. After many years of managing the company, I believe that no success is final, failure is not fatal, and the courage to continue counts the most.

Roman Stanisławski – CEO of Budizol Company


In our production hall, 150 prefabricated products are made every day

We have at our disposal on our hall 7 production lines on which we make Walls, Columns, Ceilings, Balconies, among others. All prefabricated products are based on detailed designs made by our design department, which has advanced software. Our products undergo stringent quality control, so we are sure that demanding conditions will not be a challenge for them.


Prefabricated walls are made of concrete, and transported to the construction site in a ready-to-install form. Among other things, we produce solid walls, two- and three-layer walls. Thanks to prefabrication, we have the ability to create exactly the wall that was designed.


Prefabricated ceilings are an increasingly common choice in modern construction. They are characterized by, high strength and resistance to mechanical damage, as well as structural stability. We produce both prestressed and unstressed ceilings.


The biggest advantage of prefabricated stairs is that they can be easily dismantled and moved to another location, which is especially important for temporary buildings or in situations where relocation of stairs is required.


The prefabricated girders produced by Budizol are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing them to be tailored to individual customer requirements and needs. The design of the girders also ensures that they are resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions, resulting in durable and stable structures.


Prefabricated balconies usually have a modern and attractive appearance, allowing them to add aesthetic value to buildings. They are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different architectural requirements and customer tastes.


Manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, the prefabricated poles are designed in accordance with safety standards and are tested before delivery to the construction site. This means they are safe to use and can withstand heavy loads.


Get to know our BudiHOME homes

BudiHOME is a groundbreaking next-generation technology that allows you to enjoy total comfort in a thoughtfully designed form. You save time by reducing construction time, and by optimizing the heating and cooling system, your prefabricated homes have thinner walls, allowing you more space. Budizol is both a manufacturer and a contractor so we are able to ensure the highest quality at every stage of construction. BudiHOME has numerous certificates, including Nordcert certification, which confirm the high class of our products.


The H1 is ideal for people who want to combine convenience and modern technology with care for the environment and living close to nature. This solid prefabricated house is the perfect combination of functionality and convenience, ensuring the highest standards.


Ergonomic design and eco-friendly technologies are the features that distinguish this massive prefabricated house. All aspects of functionality and convenience were taken into account during its construction, making it an ideal option for those who value comfort and modern solutions above all else. This house is simply an afterthought!


The V1 combines comfort with modern design. Its stylish design is complemented by a wide range of technologies aimed at protecting the environment. Minimalism in its full glory – this is the motto behind the design of the V1.


We really have a lot to boast about. 35 years in business have resulted in more than 30 prestigious industry awards and honors.


Category Marketing 2010, Grand Opening of Wzorcownia Shopping Center

The results of the first edition of the PRCH Retail Awards were announced on October 13, 2010 at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. Budizol received an award in the category Marketing 2010, Grand Opening: shopping center Wzorcownia, Wloclawek – “Wzorcownia jak malowana”.
In addition, the Jury awarded a special distinction: Revitalization of the Year 2010 for Budizol Property for its excellent integration of the Wzorcownia center into the urban fabric and its unique architectural concept.

Award in the category "Projects - Prefabricated and Modular Construction".

At the 2019 4Buildings Awards gala, the award in the “Projects – Prefabricated and Modular Construction” category was received by Budizol’s CEO Roman Stanislawski.

Architectural Award of "Polityka"

Budizol was included in the list of 5 finalists of the ” Architectural Award of Polityka” for 2017. The award for architectural realization went to the Sprzeczna 4 building located in Warsaw’s Praga district.

Architectural Award of the President of the City of Warsaw.

Budizol was the winner of the 3rd installment of the Architectural Award of the President of the City of Warsaw for the Best Residential Building. The award went to the multi-family building at 4 Sprzeczna Street.

"Wings of Success" - 2018

Budizol was awarded at a gala organized by LaFarge “Wings of Success” in the Innovation category. The purpose of this program is to support key customers in consistently and sustainably building the success of their businesses.

"Prime Property Prize" - 2017

The Hotel Market Investment of the Year award went to Hotel Indigo in Warsaw. The evaluation included the quality and innovation of the project, the timing of the investment, the architecture, as well as the impact of the investment on the environment and the economy of the region.

Hotel achievement of the year for "Indigo Warsaw Nowy Świat"

The seventh edition of the CEE Investment Awards event brought Budizol an award in the hotel investment sector category. EuropaProperty announced Hotel Indigo Warsaw Nowy Świat as the hotel achievement of the year.

Award innovative solutions and execution of the investment and construction process

Budizol was honored at the Top Builder 2023 gala. The award went to our budiHOME houses in the category – Innovative Solutions, and Hotel Verte in the category – carrying out the investment and construction process

"Prime Property Prize" - 2017

In the XXVII edition of the competition between Budizol and Hotel Verte, Warsaw, Autograph Collection was honored with the prestigious award for Modernization of the Year!
The modernization project of the Branicki and Szaniawski palaces succeeded in achieving a fusion of attention to detail and giving a unique character to the space.

"Concrete Days" - Polish Cement

At the Concrete Days gala organized by Polski Cement in Wisla, the president of our company, Roman Stanislawski, was honored with the so-called Concrete Oscar! The award was given for “a huge contribution to the restoration and development of precast concrete in residential construction.”


Modern estate Letniskowa Park

Letniskowa Park is a modern estate located near the city of Wloclawek in Michelin. 36 attractive apartments, 60 above-ground parking spaces, and 87 square meters of apartment space. Above is a report on the construction of the estate. For more information, visit

The process of making a house - BudiHOME V3

A report showing the step-by-step process of building a V3 prefabricated house from the BudiHOME house collection (for more information, visit the BudiHOME website). The above video shows how professional hybrid prefabrication can give beauty and craftsmanship to cubic construction. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also an innovative solution designed by Budizol engineers.


Learn more about our hotels

Budizol company meets the needs of modern travelers. At the moment, we have 4 hotels to our credit. Our facilities are not only spacious, stylish rooms and excellent service, but also higher quality services, including wireless Internet access, catering facilities and a wide range of entertainment.

Holiday Inn Bydgoszcz

Holiday Inn Bydgoszcz is a modern hotel located in the heart of the city, close to major tourist and business attractions. The hotel offers 134 stylish and comfortable rooms and suites, equipped with the latest amenities. Guests can enjoy a restaurant serving international cuisine, as well as a fitness center with a sauna and gym. The Holiday Inn Bydgoszcz hotel is the perfect place to stay for both business travelers and tourists who want to explore the charms of the city.

Indigo Warsaw

Hotel Indigo Warsaw is a five-star hotel located in the very center of Warsaw, near the Old Town. The hotel offers 60 rooms and suites, as well as offices, restaurants, conference rooms and business premises. which are decorated in a modern style. The hotel has a restaurant, bar and fitness center. Hotel Indigo Warsaw is an ideal place for those who want to visit Warsaw and stay in a luxury hotel.

Hotel Verte

The Verte Hotel is a modern hotel located in the center of Warsaw, ideal for those who appreciate convenience and functionality. The hotel has 120 spacious and comfortable rooms and suites, equipped with the latest technological solutions. Guests can also take advantage of the restaurant serving delicious cuisine, as well as the conference center, which is an excellent place for business meetings. The Verte Hotel is an excellent choice for business travelers and tourists visiting the capital.

Rosevia Resort

Rosevia Resort is an elegant property located in a picturesque area, within a Landscape Park located on the Polish seaside at Cape Rozewie, the northern tip of Poland. The hotel offers its guests 32 comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms and suites, with beautiful views of the area. The hotel also has a restaurant serving regional and world cuisine, as well as a spa center where guests can relax in the sauna, Jacuzzi or enjoy massages. Rosevia Resort is an ideal place for those looking for relaxation in charming surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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