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One of our biggest achievements is that we created an innovative system for building modern prefabricated houses with the registered mark “Energy3”. This system allows to minimize energy use during maintenance of buildings.

Based on the advanced prefabrication process, we produce building materials of outstanding insulation and strength parameters. Owing to this, we increase objects’ tightness and, consequently – their ability to accumulate heat in the winter and keep cold in the summer.

Prefabricated building construction systems (i.e. wall systems, ceiling systems, roof systems) produced by us might actively cooperate with renowable energy sources (groundwater, wind, sunlight, biomass). In this way they help with reducing consumption of energy aquired from traditional sources.

„Energy3” means:

- low costs of building maintenance

- maximum comfort of use

- very high tightness of building and its elements

- environmental protection

If you respect environment and want a house which maintenance costs few times less than in case of traditional one, learn more about „Energy3” technology.

Tell us about your dream house project, and we will tell you how make this dream come true: e-mail:, tel.: +48 22 542 19 19.

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